Simplify the Orchestration &

Management of Kubernetes Apps

Let's make your complex services simple.

Many applications consist of multiple services, such as a database, API service, and front-end. Provisioning them as a single application in Kubernetes can be challenging, especially if one or more services run outside your cluster.

The Automation Broker, an implementation of the Open Service Broker API, works in conjunction with the Kubernetes Service Catalog. By leveraging a lightweight, container-based application definition called an Ansible Playbook Bundle (APB), it simplifies the orchestration and management of Kubernetes applications.

APBs are a method of modeling applications as a collection of Ansible Playbooks built into a portable container with an Ansible runtime. They’re designed to guide provisioning, binding (connecting multiple services together into a larger application), and updating of simple to complex services running both on- or off-platform.

Ansible Playbook Bundle (APB)
Ansible Playbook Bundle
Manage Complexity

Model the most complex kubernetes applications/services, providing for orchestration of installation, update and teardown operations.


Leverage the power of Ansible automation; allowing for the most complex orchestration steps including service dependencies, etc.


Portable application definition bundled in a standard container image and a growing library of predefined services and applications.


Connect your application to pre-existing services through binding operations.


Orchestrate both on- and off-platform services for truly hybrid workloads.

Getting Started

As a developer, it's easy to get started using the Automation Broker if you have Kubernetes up and running.

We also offer a collection of Ansible playbooks called catasb to get you up and running faster with Kubernetes or OpenShift, the Service Catalog, and the Automation Broker.

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Applications are defined using Ansible Playbook Bundles (APBs). Leverage the power of Ansible to create complex managed services for Kubernetes.

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Sample APBs

There are several sample APBs available. You can use them to deploy services or as a starting point to create your own.

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