Rocket.Chat Ansible Playbook Bundle Development & Deployment Tutorial

17 Jan 2018

In Dylan Murray’s newest blog post, he walks us through how to take complex applications and deploy them using APBs. This tutorial describes how to create a RocketChat APB from scratch using Red Hat signed images and shows how to configure the OpenShift Ansible Broker to deploy the Red Hat signed RocketChat APB from the Red Hat Container Catalog. Read more…

APB Development Tutorial – MediaWiki 1.23 + PostgreSQL 9.5

08 Jan 2018

Dylan Murray has published a blog post for new APB developers. Bind and provision the Mediawiki/PostgreSQL APBs from the web console and learn how to build an APB from the ground up using the APB tooling to make it easier for to create and test APBs with this tutorial. Read more…

Up and Running with the OpenShift Ansible Broker

20 Dec 2017

Jesus Rodriguez has a new blog post up on the OpenShift blog for those who are just getting started with the Automation Broker. Start up an OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 cluster, deploy the OpenShift Ansible Broker, and list and provision services using Ansible Playbook Bundles to perform the tasks with these instructions. Read more…